Sep 8, 2009


Food, Wine, Art & Architecture:
what more could you ask for?

If there is one place you should visit in your lifetime, it is Italy!  Nothing about this extraordinary country in ordinary.  From the 2,000 year old cobble-stoned roads to the beautiful woman walking them in stilettos today, Italy is a must see.

Here I will share just a few of my favorite things Italy has to offer, cuisine and decor:

Italians definitely know how to make PIZZA!  Just the right thickness of crust and not too much cheese and sauce makes for the perfect Italian meal.  When I was living in Milan, Italy I frequently spent evenings at a neighborhood pizzeria with friends and wine, where the cook served our pizzas in the shape of a heart.   Love is even to be found in the Pizzerias of Italy!

Here, my friends Cecile, Elsa and I enjoy our pizzas Italian stlye- individually:

 Pizza Recipe from the Italian Nonna:

Nonna sitting in front of her beautiful home in Monsa, 
40 minutes outside the hustle and bustle of Milan